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. is the game to blame? tonight junior seau's family speaks out for the first time. >>> they're here. the official oscar nominees. the young, the old, the shoo-ins, the surprises. who ended up in the snubbed >>> this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> hello, everyone. i'm terry moran. glad you're with us tonight. we're going to bring you the latest in the twisted tale of love turned deadly, centered around a young woman accused of stabbing, shooting and slashing her one-time boyfriend. as the gruesome details of this crime have been exposed in court, the bizarre turns just keep oncoming, including explosive testimony from the other man in her life. abc's ryan owens brings us the latest from phoenix, arizona. >> reporter: admitted killy jody arias has sobbed every day of trial, but prosecutors say tears shouldn't be enough to save her life. they say the petite, soft spoken 32-year-old deserves to die because alexander's death was so heinous. he was found butchered in the shower of his mesa, arizona, home in june of 2008. he had been stabbed 27 times, his throat was slit so deep he wa
the death of junior seau means for anyone playing football. >>> a nasty flu season roars toward the west coast, a question for you, do you know the difference between flu symptoms and the common cold? >>> and big changes coming for some of the most popular sleeping aid on the market. ,,,,,,,,,, with nearly two-thousand tackles, 12 pro bowls and a super bowl: junior seau was one of the nfl's fiercest . >>> seau with the interception. >> with 12 pro balls and super bowl he was one of the nfl's fiercest linebackers but retirement was more punishing. he committed suicide at age of 43 two years after he left the game. tonight we have a better idea of why that might have happened, the findings are a frightening hit for anyone who plays football. >> reporter: junior seau was a tar linebacker for years. he shot himself last year. this was his mother louisa. >> i pray to god, please, take me, take me. leave my son. but it's too late. it's too late. >> reporter: seau's family donated his brawn for analysis because they say his suicide was linked to head injuries suffered on the field. the report i
scientists found in junior seau's brain after he committed suicide. the front lines in the battle against the flu epidemic. >> our staff really have been pushed almost to the breaking point. >> michelle miller on who should go to the hospital and who shouldn't. major garrett reports on what the nra has to say about its meeting today with vice president biden. and a hurricane nearly blew them away. >> i was thinking about, you know, just closing up shop, taking my losses and moving on. but something told me to stay. >> pelley: but jersey had an answer for sandy captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. junior seau was one of the fiercest linebackers in the nfl. he had nearly 2,000 tackles on his way to 12 pro bowls and a super bowl. but retirement was even more punishing. saw au had emotional problems late in life that ended in suicide. and today researchers say that they found that seau who was only 43 years old was suffering from degenerative brain disease as the result of his career in america's favorite game. the findings add
interview with the late football star junior seau's family. how his story can affect people everywhere. >> breaking news tonight from southeast d.c. where police are searching for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing. police responded about 3:30 this afternoon to alabama avenue. two men got in into a fight in the liquor store and that fight spilled outside where the victim was stabbed. police are searching for the suspect. >> the day care center in arlington is under suspicion of abuse for the second time in under two months. >> natasha barrett is live with what allegedly happened. >> parents are very upset about this one because as you mentioned, this isn't the first time they had to deal with some sort of negative incident at the day care. this incident happened some time yesterday and it was caught on video. the alleged abuse happened at joint base myer henderson hall. it is where parents drop off their children each day. a source close to the investigation described what happened. surveillance video shows a 3-year-old who hits two other kids with
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. junior seau was the star player who killed himself last may. and now abc's jim avila breaks the news that he did have a brain disease linked to head trauma, like the kind he endured in football. >> reporter: an nfl warrior, junior seau, who over a 20-year career made an estimated 1,850 bruising tackles, most of them head first. >> junior seau! >> he'd come home and just hit the blackout button in the bedroom and black out the room so he could just lay down. >> reporter: and today in medical documents obtained by abc news and espn, and confirmed in an exclusive interview seau's family, we learned for the first time that this monster of the middle, who killed himself last year, suffered severe brain damage from repeated blows to the head. >> we all love a good hit and a competitive game where they're battling, but at the end of the game, is it really worth it? >> reporter: seau's family donated his brain to science. the national institutes of health found evidence of shrunken and hardened brain cells like these, tell-tale signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. >> all concurred with
punishing. seau had emotional problems late in life that ended in suicide. and today, researchers say that they found that seau, who was only 43 years old, was suffering from degenerative brain disease r as the result of his career in america's favorite the findings add to a growing body of evidence that has the attention of players, parents, and the nfl. seth doane has the seau report. >> reporter: junior seau was a star nfl linebacker for 20 years. last may, two years after retiring, he shot himself. this was his mother, >> but i pray to god, please take me! take me, leave my son! but it's too late, too late. >> reporter: seau's family donated his brain for analysis because they suspected his suicide was linked to head injuries suffered on the field. today's report identifies brain abnormalities consistent with what is known as chronicti traumatic encephalopathy, or cte, which is caused by repetitive trauma to the brain. dr. russell lonzer oversaw the study. >> individuals that have been found to have cte in the past, in some cases, have exhibited behaviors such as
. >>> proof. we have it tonight that nfl superstar junior seau had brain damage. and it's the kind linked to blow after blow to the head. tonight, the abc news/espn exclusive. did his life in football lead to his suicide? >>> wild planet. tonight, the whales take their first step in escaping their prison of ice. and we'll tell you about the massive red wave tearing across the water. what did it do to the people on shore? >>> and, surprises and snubs. oscar nominations are in, but we'll tell you what has hollywood buzzing tonight. >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, we are all anxious about every sneeze, every cough, every door handle as we confront an outbreak of flu coast to coast in this country. and it's not just the flu. another virus is on the move. i want to show you pictures that say everything. patients wearing masks. and also doctors wearing masks. abc's linsey davis spent the day at the hospital with the doctors on the front lines. >> reporter: all day long, dr. ron wall is rushing down the hall. a squirt of hand sanitizer, and he's off to battle for flu. >> it's go
," football to blame. the national institutes of health says former nfl linebacker junior seau had a degenerative brain disease linked to multiple head traumas when he committed suicide last spring. seau is the latest professional football player to be linked to a disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or cte. the findings could mean more trouble for the nfl, which is facing lawsuits involving some 2,000 players, claiming the nfl deliberately hid the dangers of head trauma. >> cnn has now confirmed the death of nfl superstar junior seau. >> reporter: on the second day of may last year, junior seau texted his ex-wife and children, "i love you," pointed a gun at his chest, and pulled the trigger. friends and family were left devastated, searching for answers. >> i don't understand who would do this to my son, but i pray to god, please, take me! take me. leave my son! but it's too late! >> reporter: when they learned the 20-year nfl football veteran took his own life, the primary question became, why? close friend marcus wiley spoke to espn shortly after his death. >> we w
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. >> the family of former linebacker junior seau is talking about his injuries linked to his death. he had a degenerative brain disease often linked to repeated blows to the head. an exclusive reported on world news. jim avila talked about his suicide and new medical information that may shed a light on what happened and what can be done to prevent another tragedy. two local expert football players also have messages. do not take them lightly. ben lynch joins mike shumann and me in "beyond the headlines" and also jared cooper. it caused dangerous depression and brain damage and now they are trying to save others from a terrible fate. >> junior seau, played golf, great mood, two weeks later he kills himself. were you ever at that part. suicidal thoughts. >> i'm on the good side. so i can sit here and tell you yes. >> at the youth level i think it's important that athletes know what a concussion is and parents and administrators know what it is and it's not up to a coach or teammate to come back and play but it has to be made by a qualified doctor. >> cheryl: join me "beyond the headlines" a
on inequality. >>> junior seau's test results may finally push the nfl to address head injuries. we're taking a look into the findings. >>> oscar nominations were released today. but how heavy will politics weigh with the academy? >> they stay here, they will be taken. probably not alive. >> david edelstein gives us the scoop. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. another group of parents received the terrifying news today when a shooting erupted at their children's school. at the exact time vice president joe biden was meeting with groups on solutions to gun violence a gunman opened fire at a high school in bakersfield, california about 120 miles northwest of los angeles. police say a 16-year-old shooter was armed with a shotgun. at least two people were shot, including one student who was in critical condition. there is usually an armed police officer at the school. but he was not there today. the gunman was stopped by a teacher and another adult, who talked him into giving up his weapon. the shooter is in police custody. the storm of gun violence in our schools
news/espn exclusive investigation into the death of nfl great junior seau. doctors revealing their findings for the first time. and it could affect players from the big leagues to pop warner. abc's jim avila is here with the story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a giant in the game, junior seau is now perhaps the biggest name in football, linked to brain damage for taking too many hits to the head. abc news and espn learned exclusively that, before his suicide, seau suffered damage to his very brain cells. >> junior seau! >> reporter: junior seau, an icon in the 1990s, whose passionate hits made him a dominant figure in the nfl. but, after his sudden suicide in 2012, many questioned whether the effect of those hits on the 43-year-old's brain, could have played a role. >> the head-to-head contact, the collisions, they're out of control. >> reporter: now, seau's family says it has an answer to that question from the national institutes of health. abc news and espn have learned exclusively, seau's brain showed visible signs of cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy
in the game? a team of doctors revealing that junior seau did have brain damage from playing. we hear the family's reaction for the first time, in an abc news/espn investigation. >>> i just saw a baby lion. >> caught on tape. the frantic 911 calls, claiming a lion is on the loose, prowling the streets. why so many people were in a frenzy over this liddle guy. get ready to meet charles the monarch, only on "gma." >>> happening this morning, the envelope, please. we're rolling out the red carpet, starting the countdown, to oscar gold. it's a big day for hollywood's brightest stars. the academy award nominations announced live. seth macfarlane and emma stone here with us, right here on "gma." >> woo. ♪ dream on dream on ♪ ♪ dream on dream until your dreams ♪ ♪ come true >>> and welcome to a blockbuster morning. huge crowd in times square this morning. cannot wait to see who gets nominated for the oscars. good morning, to robin. waving to everyone out there in times square. sam is in vegas, two days ahead of miss america. great to have amy and ginger zee back. this morning, we'r
san diego charger junior seau. >> and taking a live look at traffic on the san francisco, this is familiar pattern this week. heavy traffic for drivers trying to make their way east across the bay bridge, much lighter for drivers south toward the peninsula and beyond. >> carolyn: and oakland group is trying a new approach to fight street violence with a traveling mural. they commissioned the mural today that is still under construction. mural represents hope and forgiveness. families of oakland gun violence victims attended today's unveiling and so did barbara lee that hopes new legislation at the federal level will take firearms off of oakland streets. >> people get killed. it's called banning assault weapons was just one effort that would really help reduce the crime here on the streets. >> carolyn: and it was painted on large panels. that makes it portable. it will travel throughout the city of oakland. >> american express announced major cost cutting moves. they are slashing 5400 jobs mainly in the travel business. those cuts will be off set by new hiring but overall
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in the legacy of junior seau. the nfl great did have a brain disease when he killed himself and his family is now speaking out about a lifetime of hard hits. >>> later, bottoms up for a good cause. helping sandy survivors, one cold beer at a time. it doesn't get better than that. it's our favorite story of the day. >> perfect favorite story of the day for a friday. >>> but first, the nasty arctic blast blowing from coast to coast is bringing snow and freezing rain to a huge section of the country. >> winter weather advisories and warnings are posted from california to michigan, setting the stage for just a miserable weekend. our coverage begins with abc's michael bar. >> reporter: the arctic blast is dumping snow on southern california, shutting down interstate 5 north of los angeles. roads in higher elevations quickly turned icy. >> it's very, very icy up there. kind of dangerous road. >> reporter: along with snow and ice, the snowstorm is bringing 45 to 60-mile-an-hour winds to the west. the gusty blustery weather triggered mudslides near seattle. as wet snow fell on highways, slowing do
at junior seaus a brain after hi killed himself, and what they found shows just how much damage his years in the nfl may have done. here we go. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. >> shepard: the former nfl standout junior seau likely had a degenerative brain disease caused by years of head trauma when he shot and killed himself. according to researchers who studied his brain. the national institutes of health reports the disease is found in athletes who have taken frequent blows to the head. junior seau shot himself in the chest last may and joined a handful of inflame players who committed suicide. researchers found his type of brain disease in more than a does other former nfl players. jonathan hunt is with is. is there a conclusive evidence that this contributed to his suicide? >> we spoke to the doctors who did this study today, and they say they cannot make that direct link at this point. what they are certain of is
an all too familiar story. we learned yesterday that former pro football player junior seau who killed himself did in fact have degenerative brain disease. >> seau now one of dozens of players died of cte which is found in people that have suffered repetitive head trauma. abc's jim avila has more. >> reporter: junior seau, who over a 20-year career made an estimated 150 bruising tackles. most of them head first. >> junior seau. >> he would come home and hit the blackout button in the bedroom. >> reporter: and in medical documents obtained by abc news and espn and confirmed in an exclusive interview with his family, we learned for the first time that this monitor in the middle, who killed himself last year, suffered severe brain damage from repeated blows to the head. >> at the end of the game, is it really worth it? >> reporter: his family donated his brain to science, the national institutes of health found evidence of hardened brain cells like these. telltale signs of chronic traumatic disease. >> all concurred with the diagnosis of cte. >> reporter: chronic blows to the head, includ
him in the head and then slash him. >> death of nfl great junior seau, doctors revealing their findings. >> junior seau who committed suicide suffered from chronic brain damage. >> severe brain damage. he suffered damage to his very brain cells itch the latest on the disappearance of victoria masony. >> 400 people in flame, boats and helicopters scouring the waters off the coast of venezuela for the better part of seven days. they have not found any sign of wreckage. >> the family has become convinced that they are still alive. now masony's eldest son is hinting to an italian paper that his father may have been kidnapped. >> all that and much more. but first, a top republican on the senate budget republican committee vowing not to allow jeff lieu to become treasury of secretary, accusing him of misrepresenting the impact on the budget, referring to a bitter 2011 senate hearing. >> you said in your interview sunday with candy crowley, our budget will get us over the next several years to the point where we can look the american people in the eye and say we are not adding t
's an upgrade to yourself. >> shepard: the legendary nfl linebacker junior sue seau had a degenerative brain disease when he killed himself last year. head trauma, brain damage. that's according to the national instiewts of health which studied seau's brain. the kind of guy involved in every play. but all that action apparently took a toll. he reportedly suffered a number of concussions which led to mood swings, insomnia, forgetfulness and depression. last may he shot himself in his chest. a move many saw as an attempt to preserve his own brain so that scientists might one day help those with the same condition. figure out what was wrong in there. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. still too early to say whether this brain damage is related exactly but they are looking. >> yeah. the doctors tell us that they might never be able to provide a definitive link between the sort of brain damage that junior seau suffered apparently as a result of his nfl career and his ultimate suicide we spoke with one doctors who coordinated this particular study of his brain and he clearl
insurance. >>> some disturbing knees from the national football league. turns out junior seau had a degenerative brain disease when he committed suicide last year. the cause, many people believe it was repeated concussions from the playing field. question, how much damage is this going to do to the nfl and the others suffering from this? here now to talk about is sports illustrated writer ben ryder. i take it you are not convinced of the cause and effect. that seau committed suicide, but you don't think that was because of the brain damage or the concussion? >> well, i don't. first off the bat, i think we should say two things here. one is that this was a tragic event. junior seau was a great man first and a great football player second. my condolences go out to his still grieving family and loved ones. the second is that it is never a good idea to sustain extended and multiple and repeated head trauma. and any effort on the part of the nfl and any other sports league to minimize that should be applauded. now, one important thing to stress here, and it can't be stressed enough is
does off the field but i am sure that he is good at that, to. >> the sauo ... seau we know that he committed suicide and this was only two years after retirement. he suffered from c t e and other players were also found that played hard and committed suicide after retirement. we cannot say enough when the object of your game is to hit someone and to be hit, this is one of those things that is going to keep coming up and up. and i know the n f l is. but there also a public- relations machine. they say that they are looking into it and one thing they have done. to give them credit where credit is due. when it looks like it is a helmet to helmet. it is a penalty. they are doing what they can. however, at the end of the day when junior seau... a tragedy. >> major league baseball. the day after nobody was voted into the hall of fame because of steroids. there are rumors that he also used steroids as an angel. they are going to test for human growth hormones. and the baseball as a single they're going to try that. tiger woods is in trouble. he used to get $3 million per year to get this
that he had no parlt in creating that hoax. the family of junior seau have filed a lawsuit. it was found that he had chronic brain damage. the family is claiming that seau's suicide was the result of the brain disease that comes from severe blows to the head. they blame the nfl for not caring for the former players. >> turning to the 49 rs quest for super bowl six the players hit the field. and we hear about the promise they have made to themselves in the days leading up to the big game. >> absolutely. the 49ers had meetings yesterday, but today was the first practice here on the field here in the facility and under rainy skies they took to preparing for the 47th super bowl and while they were there, they were also more cameras and reporters than players. but the players say that they will not let the distractions that come with going to the super bowl get in the way of what they want to accomplish. >> normal week. keep it as as normal as usual. you know, i think as far as preparation, getting your body ready to play and go through basically two work weeks and we will be ready to go. >>
. >> thank you. the family of the late star junior seau may have answers finally about what happened. we spoke to the family about finding out that his brain was damaged. that's what possibly led to his death. >> reporter: the suicide last year of junior seau shocked sports fans and sent his family rushing for answers. >> we just wanted the truth. >> reporter: he was a legend on the gridiron. a 12 time probowler known for crushing hits like this over a 20 year career. it's those bruising blows that made them question what made him is shoot himself in the chest. >> head to head contact. the collisions are just -- out of control. >> reporter: the family donated his brain to the national institutes of health. we learned that tests showed visible signs of damage. it's a concussion related injury that shrinks and hardens brain tissue. hard knocks a major part of the nfl. >> if you add up all the days of practice, training camp and games, that's a lot of hits. >> reporter: recently the league has come under fire. more than 4,000 former players and sued the league in a landmark class action
seau. . >>> pap smears have always been recommended for women's health but a new study found they could be life saving. researchers say the pap smear that has been used to detect cancer can help find ovarian cancer as well. it's very hard to detect. sciencists say that more research is needed. >>> there is also a new option for breast cancer patients. a new surgery lets some women have a masectomy and reconstruction all in one. this eliminates the shock of a reduced breast size after operation. >> it's less traumatic. you wake up and you are still -- you still have breasts. >> the one step surgery using special imaging to help determine appropriate implant size and patient who have received it have been back to work in as early as six weeks. patients who opt for this surgery tend to have a faster recovery physically and emotionly. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. 50 degrees. humidity is low again. dew point down at 25, very dry air, another one of those nights where you may want to run the humidifier and the heater. take a look at the set up. beautiful blue sky. nothing
and tendon grafts had to be taken from his good knee to repair the damaged one. >>> a son of junior seau is speaking out. tyler seau is angry that he didn't have the awareness to help his father more and now it's too late. the national institutes of health released a study that showed seau suffered from a disease known as cte. it's associated with repeated blows to head. seau shot and killed himself last may. he was one of three players found to have cte. >>> voting to approve a new collective bargaining agreement. it's electronic and will continue until saturday at 8:00 a.m. if a majority of the 700 players eligible to vote also approve the agreement, training camp will start this sunday with a shortened 48-game season set to start on the 19th. >>> today transit agencies around the country, including metro, will receive funding to train the next generation for transportation jobs. transportation secretary ray lahood will make the announcement this morning at booker t washington charter school in washington. it aims to give student at technical schools employment opportunities after they
seau, a sure hall-of-famer, he killed himself, shot himself in the chest after showing some bizarre behavior. and the question came up immediately, had he suffered brain damage from all those concussions? well now it appears he did. exams of seau's brain by the national institutes of health revealed he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, cte. it's a degenerative brain disease with alzheimer's-like symptoms. mood swings, aggression, memory loss and depression. and it happens when repeated hits to the head lead to a build-up of proteins in the brain. and you can see the difference under the microscope. the clean, white brain, a normal brain. the brown, spotted brain, a cte-impacted brain. more than 30 former professional players have been diagnosed with cte. but dr. russell lonzer who oversaw seau's examination says we still don't know how big the risk is. >> we need to understand better the incidents preference. we need to develop diagnostic tools to diagnose it, potentially, before someone passes away. we need to better understand the etiology of it so we can better mana
in some places. >>> the son of former nfl star junior seau says he's not surprised that his father suffered from a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head. he killed himself last may, two years after he retired. yesterday the national institute of health said seau's brain had abnormalities consistent with the disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte. >> individuals that have been found to have cte in the past in some cases have exhibited behaviors such as impulsivity, irritability aggression memory loss, and suicidal thoughts. >> seau is the fifth former nfl player to commit suicide who was later found to have cte. >>> in baseball a change in the drug testing griemtd between the managers and the players' association. beginning next season, players will be tested for human growth hormones throughout the regular season. last year players were tested for hgh during spring training. >> to the nba now. some last-minute heroics sunk the heat in miami. lebron james snapped his 54 streak of 24 games. fourth quarter, under a minute
on a $550,000 bond. >>> the family of former nfl linebacker junior seau, is suing, saying the nfl hid information about con consequences to hits to the head. seau killed himself in may. tissue samples showed seau had brain disease related to hits to the head. thousands of players have sued the nfl over head injuries. >>> and a day after stunning the tennis world, american phenom sloane stephens is out of the australian open. stephens lost her semifinal overnight to victoria azarenka. late in the second set, azarenka took a controversial medical time-out. she later said she was having trouble breathing. stephens reached the semis by defeating her idol, serena williams. >>> and back here at home, there's soon going to be a new number one men's college basketball team. the reason why, coming up from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. jim put george mason on the map. and trying to do the same with miami. miami taking on number one duke. mason plumlee, inside. the filthy jam. 15 points, 11 boards for him. duke up early. however, here come the 'canes. kenny ka
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